Three Updates: (1) OMG --Free? (2) Blinding Speed (3) NAICS 45 Retail Value Change

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Here's your Mid-Summer Update.


1. CoreValue Advisor Software --Free ‘Starter’ Account

If we promise to help you win a new engagement --for free-- will you? Let’s see if you’re a candidate.

Is one or more of these true?

  • You have existing clients
  • You have referral partners
  • You often meet with potential clients

Those aren’t trick questions. If you said “Yes” to any of the above, are you also frustrated with your progress winning new engagements?

It’s not surprising if you said “Yes” again: we hear the same thing from many of your colleagues.  Reality is you have access to potential engagements, you're just not getting the CEOs attention. They have now idea why they'd hire you.

That’s why you can now sign up for a free (free, free free free… free1) CoreValue Starter Account. Starter gives you access to the the 10 minute CoreValue ‘Discover’ free initial assessment of company strength and value. Here’s a knowledgebase article about Discover.

It’s free. There’s video training. You can use Discover to connect with CEOs --which your colleagues are doing every day (over 25,000 served). These discovery conversations are converting prospects into clients at a high rate. What are you waiting for?

By signing up you’ll get:

  • Use Discover with 5 clients or prospects
  • Automated self-service orientation
  • Help getting started through the CoreValue Knowledgebase
  • Plus: a Special Offer
Screenshot 2019-07-25 at 14.49.06

Sign up. Check out the orientation materials. Pick a client or warm lead, set a meeting, and use Discover as your conversation script. Winning a new engagement will feel great. Rinse and repeat.

Ready? You can email with the subject “Starter.” Or fill out this simple form --it’s free. There’s no risk, only reward. Click here for the pricing page.

2. Blindingly Fast. Blistering Speed. Hyperbolic.

You expect CoreValue’s technology to be several things --including robust, secure, and fast.

Let’s focus on fast. We’ve just completed a huge project to bring the code stack into compliance with the latest and greatest 5.2.3 Rails standard. Mostly invisible to the outside, this significant undertaking was what our engineers call “non-trivial.”

Though you can’t see many changes in the GUI, you will notice upgraded speed and responsiveness. What was already good is now great. We're positioned to introduce more analytical and reporting capabilities over coming quarters.

Why do you care? Do a few milliseconds of latency matter? Short answer yes --but not for the obvious reason. Speed is great, and this work actually finalizes the foundation underpinning our dev roadmap. Software never sleeps.

Well done, CoreValue Engineering.

3. NAICS 44-45 Value Calculation Change

The most important number calculated by CoreValue is the business rating. The algorithms use the rating to compare the subject company to a set of closed transactions and calculate the Potential Value, Enterprise Value and Value Gap. The value calculation is based in part on NAICS industry designation.

There has been a consistent downward trend in values for retail companies in NAICS 44-45 --thank you online shopping.

CoreValue has evolved the calculation of value for NAICS 44-45 Retail to reflect changes in the market.

Interesting data: the average CoreValue Rating for retail companies who’ve completed the Unlock Deep-Dive Analysis is 56.6 --the weakest of all industries. Want to know the strongest? Agriculture and Forestry, with an average rating of 73.2. Average for all industries is 62.9. The biggest value gain for individual companies is seen in the first 10 points gained in CoreValue Rating. This means you can quickly gain real traction maximizing client company value and unlocking growth. #drivegrowth

If you'd like a demo to see how CoreValue is being used to win and deliver new business consulting engagements, you can schedule one here.

The CoreValue-powered Advisor Conference is on, Nov 6-7 in Boston. Early Bird Registration here.

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