What’s Your ROI From Using CoreValue?

Posted by George Sandmann on Dec 12, 2019 11:45:00 AM

You’re a CPA, Management Consultant or Advisor, and you want to build a thriving practice. You’re considering adding the CoreValue growth consulting system to your practice, but you want to be sure you’ll generate a return on your investment. How does the CoreValue growth consulting system measure up?

Getting started is easy, with a single client generating a 10X ROI. You can earn over $54,000 on your investment in the CoreValue system. It’s a no-brainer, right? Let’s unpack how it works. 

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The most popular option is the all-inclusive Growth Consultant package of technology and training. The package is $399/month, so a $4,788 annual investment. There’s a one-time $1,000 onboarding fee that gets you 1-1 coaching as you integrate the CoreValue system into your practice.

What are your colleagues charging for the engagements they’re winning using the system? Here's what they're telling us:

  • Discover, the initial assessment of company strength and value, is free --it’s your lead machine. This is how you successfully start the business consulting conversation
  • Every business consulting engagement should start with an analysis of the status quo: where are we today? This analysis is a valuable service, showing your client their opportunities to unlock growth and equity value using your expertise. This service, delivering your expert analysis using the CoreValue technology and training, is being sold by your colleagues for $4,500-$10,000 (depending on case complexity, size of client, market, etc.)
  • Being the architect of growth: the business consulting system will help you and your client identify their strategic goals, and create the growth plan to successfully reach this goal. Strategic Planning is a $6,000 to $50,000 engagement
  • Will you be the general contractor, guiding your client executing their strategic growth plan? Retainers for this work are at $3,000-$5,000/month
  • Value Growth and Revenue Growth fees are in line with these
  • Using the CoreValue system you’re also adding time efficiency to your practice, and allows you to standardize and scale your services. This time is valuable. Say your time is worth $300/hour, and the technology saves you 4 hours per client deliverable. This is a double-whammy: you’ve now both increased engagement profitability and created an inventory of sell-able hours --in this example, worth a total of $2,400
  • There is a growing trend of success-based service fees, where the business consultant goes at risk, earning a % of growth --for example 5% of net income growth (calculated based on a pre-agreed formula). At $50,000 per $1MM, this can be a very lucrative model

Here's a fee schedule, using the service fees reported by your colleagues:

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The big winner, however, is your client, who’s getting a $ Multi-Million ROI. Let’s look at a growth engagement with the $10MM client Toplift, a professional services company. Here’s the analysis you’ll generate using the CoreValue AI:

Screenshot 2019-12-12 at 09.49.27

If your client wants to grow, CoreValue shows you how to help them.

By helping Toplift implement generally accepted best practices in their top 5 Growth and Equity Value Drivers©, you’ll capture $2.1MM of value without even increasing revenues.

And if you also create the operational processes (we’ll teach you how) that drive growth of revenues and profits, here’s the 5 year picture: you will have doubled your client’s enterprise equity value, from $6MM to $12MM, and generated $6.7MM in additional profits --you’re driving $12,700,000 of total growth.

CoreValue Projection Technology. Model based on modest 10% annual growth and 10% Margin at 5 years. 

Let’s recap:

  • You invest $399/month, plus a $1,000 one-time onboarding fee: total year 1 of $5,788
  • For each new engagement you're earning:
    • Generate and deliver the Operational Strength and Value Analysis: $6,000
    • Strategic Planning session and Strategic Plan deliverable: $12,000
    • Plan Execution: $3,000/month for 12 months $36,000

      Y1 Income to Your Practice: $54,000 --nearly 10X ROI from a single engagement 
  • To this you need to add the extra hours freed up by technology, plus the success bonuses and additional services, thereby increasing your ROI

Your client’s ROI from working with you is $12,700,000 --which cost your client only $180,000 in Professional Service Fees and $311,000 in Success Bonuses

Your client is getting an incredible 26X ROI: $12.7MM on their $500M investment in you

(Maybe you should be charging more…)

Practice Tip: because the technology predicts the growth from an engagement, you can focus your proposals on services that can generate a 10X ROI to your client. 

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